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Your Website
And Your Business

At Scientechnic we are totally business-focused, so we know how important your web presence is to your organisation, whether it’s commercial or non-profit. Our experience has taught us that great websites don’t happen by chance – they are the result of great design, built on a solid foundation. That foundation is in-depth understanding of everything our clients need their website to do.


The WordPress/Woocommerce solution is our default e-commerce platform it provides one of the most flexible e-commerce platforms enabling us to design and build user friendly and crucially barrier free websites. We have now created in excess of 100 e-commerce websites some of them generating sales in excess of £1m per year.

User Centred

Putting the user at the centre of any e-business strategy is the key to its success. UCD isn’t the fun part of Website Design but it is the crucial part. We’ll look at user profiling, task analysis, interaction design, website visualisation, information architecture and design to name but a few to propel your site forward.

With Scientechnic

Scientechnic provides a professional website hosting solution. The standard Scientechnic hosting package will provide clients with their own space on a Scientechnic owned virtual dedicated server with web facilities such as 500MB of web space, a 20GB transfer limit and 10 mailboxes in addition to advanced features for task processing.


E-business programmes and projects are notoriously problematic, challenging even the best project managers, so we have built on that experience by putting together a range of helpful services; taking your strategy back to basics, project recovery, project management framework and design implementation.

Web Apps
And Development

Your website is now the critical extension of your brand. It is therefore vital that it can make the most of the new business opportunities offered by the web. Scientechnic keeps itself in the vanguard of new web technologies so that we can build ever more dynamic websites.